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Sealife Park Luau Blog

Experience the Magic of Sealife Park Luau: A Captivating Dinner Show

Aloha Kai Luau's remarkable evening filled with entertainment

4/27/202411:11 PM
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Hawaii's Musical Theater: A Captivating Fusion of Aloha Kai Luau and Theatrical Brilliance

Hawaii, known for its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich traditions, offers a unique blend of artistic expression that captivates audiences worldwide...

6/30/20235:03 PM
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Why are luaus good for children

Luaus are a great way to introduce children to Hawaiian culture and history. They offer a unique opportunity to learn about the traditional foods, music, and dance of the islands. Plus, luaus are just plain fun!

3/16/202412:13 AM
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Experience The Sealife Park Luau

Aloha Kai Luau is a great choice for families looking for a fun and educational Hawaiian experience

3/20/20248:41 PM
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The History and Meaning of the Luau Lei Greeting

The luau lei greeting - a cherished Hawaiian tradition at Aloha Kai Luau at Sea Life Park

4/9/20246:41 PM
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